Hardware for the Internet of things

The Internet of things has come strong and to stay. Each day its presence is greater in many areas and becomes increasingly visible in our daily lives. The hardware used in the Internet of Things has some characteristics that we will be detailing throughout this article.

First, it is important to note that the processors used in the Internet of things differ from those used in conventional electronic equipment. Power has been sacrificed to focus on the consumption and dimensions of this type of components. In general, this type of solutions do not require an excessively high processing capacity, so a processor of these characteristics perfectly meets the planned requirements.

As far as plates are concerned, you’ve probably heard of Arduino, Raspberry Pi or Beagle Bone, all of which are ideal solutions to support Internet of things or home automation solutions. Although this type of systems are used for basic technological solutions and have even been used to introduce children to the development of electronic equipment, make no mistake, they can be used to design complex and sophisticated systems.

Regarding the communications of both the components between them and with peripheral devices, low consumption has been prioritized given that most of these devices work with batteries of reduced capacity. The Bluetooth 4.0 protocol stands out due to its low energy consumption, which is thought to be implemented in systems with serious limitations in its batteries. The classic communication protocols such as Wi-Fi or Ethernet are also used in the Internet of Things devices, especially when it is necessary that the connectivity should be of greater scope.

For the rest, both in the Internet of things and in the new domotic solutions that have more and more presence in our homes, the same structures based on sensors, controllers and actuators are still maintained.

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