Servicios. Diseño y Fabricación de hardware

Hardware design and manufacturing

diseño y fabricación de hardware

We offer multiple services in hardware design and manufacturing

Our company offers its customers a comprehensive service in the field of hardware design and manufacture, we can cover all phases of a project of these characteristics or concentrate our efforts on a particular phase of the process of design or manufacture of the product.

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We divide the projects in the following phases:

  • diseño y fabricación de hardware

    Requirement taking

  • diseño y fabricación de hardware

    Hardware design

  • diseño y fabricación de hardware

    Development of firmware and software

  • diseño y fabricación de hardware

    Prototype manufacturing

  • diseño y fabricación de hardware


  • diseño y fabricación de hardware

    Series production

We have the machinery and the necessary human resources to comprehensively manage an electronic engineering project

We know deeply the latest techniques and machinery for the design and manufacture of hardware. We have a qualified team with experience in all the phases that make up the production process of this type of equipment. This allows us to offer our customers an integral service, as well as high levels of quality that not only cover the complete cycle of design and manufacture of the product, but also its entire useful life.

We offer support for homologation of electronic equipment, own or third-party, in CE marking, in compliance with IEC and FCC regulations; support during laboratory tests, as well as preliminary studies that determine the capabilities of the team to overcome the various tests to which they will submit, providing corrections or improvements in both new equipment, during the design phase, and manufactured.

Designing and manufacturing an electronic product correctly will allow us to reduce production costs, reduce maintenance work and, above all, extend the useful life of the entire system.

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