Electronic equipment design and manufacturing

diseño y fabricación de equipos electrónicos

Electronic equipment design and manufacturing is our specialty.

Narranz Soluciones is a company specialized in Engineering and Electronic Systems with 100% Spanish capital, which provides technological solutions to requirements of the industry in its most diverse areas, not only in sectors demanding these solutions traditionally (automatons, industrial robots, measurement and control equipment, R & D departments) but also in sectors less related to these new technologies that have begun to integrate systems intelligent electronic devices in their production that provide new functionalities (automatization, interconnection, remote maintenance, …). In this way, those companies, which bet on such technology, will improve their performance, efficiency and productivity.

We are specialized in embedded systems and with capacity for manufacturing electronic equipment.

In addition to the design and manufacturing of hardware in Narranz we also develop low level software. We are specialists in the design, development, evaluation and maintenance of products based on embedded systems. We have enough equipment to be able to manufacture electronic products, from the first prototypes to mass production.

Consulting in Electronic Engineering

At Narranz we complement our electronic equipment production services with Consulting and Technical Consulting services in all types of projects related to Electronic Engineering, hardware design and low level programming (embedded systems).

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