Ingeniería electrónica

Electronic engineering

Ingeniería electrónica

We are a company specialized in offering Electronic Engineering services

Electronic engineering services are the core of our business model. We have a long experience in the management and development of this type of project, from its initial phases to the production of the system, the serial production of the product and maintenance throughout its life cycle.

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Ingeniería electrónica

Development of hardware and software in embedded systems

Our desire to offer the customer a comprehensive service in all the electronic engineering projects in which we work, leads us to participate actively in the development of the software that will control the electronic system. These are solutions based on low-level programming that allow controlling the entire system, usually in real time. This type of software is in charge of establishing the logic that controls the electronic circuit and all the actuators that are in it. It is rigidly associated with the electronic components of the system as it interacts directly with them. The main function of this type of programming is to physically handle the hardware.

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