Electronic Engineering Projects

Electronic Engineering Projects developed by Narranz

On this page you will find a selection of the electronic engineering projects that we have developed in Narranz. A brief description of each project is shown, if you are interested in more information contact us.

We have developed electronic engineering projects for the following sectors


Proyectos de Ingeniería Electrónica

Hot product vending machine

Integral solution for vending machine control for the hot product dispensing, with boiler control, communications with payment means under MDB protocol (coin and bill aceptors, and cashless system) and executive protocol, graphic display and GPRS communications.

It allows the control of 40 digital inputs and 40 digital power outputs for motor management, as well as the 1500W boiler temperature control.

It has been developed under the uCOS operating system and ARM architecture.

Proyectos de Ingeniería Electrónica

Smart cash box

Software solution for PC architectures under C# language and Windows operating system, with control of coin acceptor, coin dispenser, bill acceptor, banknote recycler, banknote dispenser and coin diverter, able to be integrated with the most applications common POS.

The system manages each of the devices connected to the equipment, controlling intelligent payments optimizing the least number of currencies, personalized payments, revenue, accounting and failure management.

Proyectos de Ingeniería Electrónica

Vending machine with robotic arm

Integral solution for Vending machine control with robotic arm for product dispensing by weighing. It has electronics for arm control in x and y axes, with current control and detection of limit switches without contacts, precision scale for weighing the product to be dispensed, graphic display, protocols for MDB and executive payments, and USB communications, Ethernet and GPRS.

Distributed hardware system for the control of product supply engines in order to reduce cost.

It has been developed under the freeRTOS operating system and ARM architecture.

Cashless payment system

Cashless system that, connected to a vending machine with MDB protocol, allows you to make payments through mobile phone.

It has been developed under the MQX operating system and ARM architecture for the electronics that is connected to the vending machine and Android operating system for the application of user payments.

Proyectos de Ingeniería Electrónica

Low cost solution panel PC

System composed of LCD screen and Raspberry with the purpose of equipping a conventional vending machine with a low cost and minimal integration panel PC solution, which allows the presentation of commercial videos and next generation graphic frontends.

The man-machine interface has been developed through HTML5, CSS and Node, allowing a very simple customization for each client. Linux operating system

Proyectos de Ingeniería Electrónica

Monitoring and control through Zigbee

Zigbee platform with coordinator system and endpoints that allows the control of isolated inputs and outputs, and different means of payment: MDB, CCTALK, pulses, executive.

The coordinators are connected to a host computer via USB, CDC profile, being able to control up to 240 endpoints per coordinator. Each network created by the coordinator is secured, guaranteeing privacy.

Solution developed under the home automation profile of Zigbee.

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Single phase energy meter

Equipment with Intel low-power processor, ADC delta sigma 24 bits for current and voltage measurement, infrared communications for isolation between equipment, has been developed under bare-metal firmware solution.

Proyectos de Ingeniería Electrónica

2U control equipment

Development of 2U equipment with 4.3 “full color touch screen, ARM processor, MQX real-time operating system, USB communications, ethernet (double port), RS232, RS485, I2C, CAN

Proyectos de Ingeniería Electrónica

Indoor location platform using bluetooth low energy

System consisting of hub, smart antennas, BLE tags and Android application, able to detect the separation between the tags and the phone to which they are registered. The indoor location is made by managing the reception power of the installed antennas.

Operating systems Android (smartphone), freeRTOS (coordinator) and bare-metal (antennas and tags)

Proyectos de Ingeniería Electrónica

Motherboard for comexpress

Carrier for comexpress with a multitude of interfaces: 12 isolated RS232, RS485 and RS422 serial ports, software configurable, 8 isolated 16-bit bipolar ADC channels, 8 isolated 16-bit bipolar DAC channels, SATA, 3 x USB, PCI, Compactflash, eUSB , dual LVDS video output, VGA output, three gigabit ethernet ports, ADC for high resolution temperature measurement, SSR digital outputs and mechanical relays, isolated digital inputs, PC104 and PC104 plus, input power 12 – 36V.

Proyectos de Ingeniería Electrónica

System based on compress

3u equipment with 10 “touch screen and multiple interfaces, redundant dual power supply with 110-230Vac universal input, Intel Atom CPU, QNX operating system.

Proyectos de Ingeniería Electrónica

Motherboard for ethercat modules

Base plate for interface and communications of ethercat modules of beckoff. Digital and analog inputs and outputs (bipolar) and encoders.

MQX real-time operating system

Proyectos de Ingeniería Electrónica

USB cryptographic system

USB cryptographic module that allows to detect and authenticate the device in order to give access to PC applications (license management). It has isolated digital inputs and outputs for general purpose, with control from USB port

Playing MP3 audio on USB

Development of an industrial solution under ARM for MP3 audio playback, loaded in removable USB memory, by activating events.

Real-time operating system freeRTOS

Proyectos de Ingeniería Electrónica

Orthogonal network schemes

PC application development under java for the design and presentation of orthogonal grid schemes, with graphic access to real-time database.

Proyectos de Ingeniería Electrónica

USB-HMI communication gateway via GPRS

Development of handheld device under kinetis architecture and MQX operating system, for USB connection with electro medicine equipment and data transmission via GPRS to server

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Proyectos de Ingeniería Electrónica

Bagpipe midi

Electronic bagpipe with bluetooth communications, usb-midi, high-speed capacitive pointer and zero latency.

Real-time operating system freeRTOS

Proyectos de Ingeniería Electrónica

Wireless midi

Secure link under bluetooth communications between usb-midi and native midi.

Solution developed in C with bare-metal

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